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Throwback Featured Set: 1998-99 Skybox EX-Century


1998-99 Skybox EX-Century printed on beautiful acetate and helped kick off the modern era of sports cards featuring memorabilia pieces and autographs, and serial numbered parallel cards. Many of the insert set's and base parallel are cherished by many collectors til today, and command a premium price.

Insert Sets​

These insert cards featured a varied printed serial numbered run, and contained a pieces of authentic game worn shoes.

Authen-Kicks Checklist:
1AK. ) Antawn Jamison - serial numbered to 225
2AK. ) Tracy McGrady - serial numbered to 225
3AK. ) Ron Mercer - serial numbered to 180
4AK. ) Antoine Walker - serial numbered to 125
5AK. ) Mike Bibby - serial numbered to 165
6AK. ) Michael Dickerson - serial numbered to 230
7AK. ) Larry Hughes - serial numbered to 115
8AK. ) Raef LaFrentz - serial numbered to 160
9AK. ) Keith Van Horn - serial numbered to 125
9AU. ) Keith Van Horn - autographed + shoe piece, serial numbered to 44
10AK. ) Tim Thomas - serial numbered to 215
11AK. ) Allen Iversion - serial numbered to 165
12AK. ) Robert Traylor - serial numbered to 215


Skybox Autographics:
Inserted 1:18 packs. Cards are normally all signed with black ink, and do not feature any type of serial numbering. Skybox Autographic's can be found in NBA Hoops, Fleer Metal Universe, SkyBox E-X Century, SkyBox Molten Metal, SkyBox Premium and SkyBox Thunder, all of which are sharing the same checklist.


Dunk 'N Go-Nuts:

A play on Dunkin Donut's famous colors and lettering. Now considered one of the most sought out insert sets from the 1990's amongst collectors, pulled one in every 36 packs, featuring 20 of the NBA's frequent flyers during the 1998 season.

Dunk'N Go-Nuts Checklist:
1DG. ) Tim Thomas
2DG. ) Grant Hill
3DG. ) Shareef Abdur-Rahim
4DG. ) Tim Duncan
5DG. ) Allen Iverson
6DG. ) Kobe Bryant
7DG. ) Antoine Walker
8DG. ) Kevin Garnett
9DG. ) Shaquille O'Neal
10DG. ) Tracy McGrady
11DG. ) Antawn Jamison
12DG. ) Vince Carter
13DG. ) Robert Traylor
14DG. ) Scottie Pippen
15DG. ) Michael Jordan
16DG. ) Michael Olowokandi
17DG. ) Anfernee Hardaway
18DG. ) Michael Dickerson
19DG. ) Ron Mercer
20DG. ) Felipe Lopez


Generation E-X:

Inserted one in every 18 packs, and features a die-cut middle design. Generation E-X has a 15 player checklist.

Generation E-X Checklist:
1GE. ) Larry Hughes
2GE. ) Michael Olowokandi
3GE. ) Tim Duncan
4GE. ) Vince Carter
5GE. ) Antawn Jamison
6GE. ) Kevin Garnett
7GE. ) Al Harrington
8GE. ) Mike Bibby
9GE. ) Raef LaFrentz
10GE. ) Ron Mercer
11GE. ) Tracy McGrady
12GE. ) Kobe Bryant
13GE. ) Keith Van Horn
14GE. ) Stephon Marbury
15GE. ) Allen Iverson

Parallel Sets


Essential Credentials Future:

Each card was serial numbered opposite of its base number from the set. For example, card number one is serial numbered to 90, card number 90 is serial numbered to 1.


Essential Credentials Now:

Each card is serial numbered as its base number from the set. Card number 1 is serial numbered to 1, card number 2 is serial numbered to 2 and so on.

Base Checklist​

1 Keith Van Horn
2 Scottie Pippen
3 Tim Thomas
4 Stephon Marbury
5 Allen Iverson
6 Grant Hill
7 Tim Duncan
8 Latrell Sprewell
9 Ron Mercer
10 Kobe Bryant
11 Antoine Walker
11 Antoine Walker (Sample)
12 Reggie Miller
13 Kevin Garnett
14 Shaquille O'Neal
15 Karl Malone
16 Dennis Rodman
17 Tracy McGrady
18 Anfernee Hardaway
19 Shareef Abdur-Rahim
20 Marcus Camby
21 Eddie Jones
22 Vin Baker
23 Charles Barkley
24 Patrick Ewing
25 Jason Kidd
26 Mitch Richmond
27 Tim Hardaway
28 Glen Rice
29 Shawn Kemp
30 John Stockton
31 Ray Allen
32 Brevin Knight
33 David Robinson
34 Juwan Howard
35 Alonzo Mourning
36 Hakeem Olajuwon
37 Gary Payton
38 Damon Stoudamire
39 Steve Smith
40 Chris Webber
41 Michael Finley
42 Jayson Williams
43 Maurice Taylor
44 Jalen Rose
45 Sam Cassell
46 Jerry Stackhouse
47 Toni Kukoc
48 Charles Oakley
49 Jim Jackson
50 Dikembe Mutombo
51 Wesley Person
52 Antonio Daniels
53 Isaiah Rider
54 Tom Gugliotta
55 Antonio McDyess
56 Jeff Hornacek
57 Joe Dumars
58 Jamal Mashburn
59 Donyell Marshall
60 Glenn Robinson
61 Jelani McCoy RC
62 Predrag Stojakovic RC
63 Randell Jackson RC
64 Brad Miller RC
65 Corey Benjamin RC
66 Toby Bailey RC
67 Nazr Mohammed RC
68 Dirk Nowitzki RC
69 Andrae Patterson RC
70 Michael Dickerson RC
71 Cory Carr RC
72 Brian Skinner RC
73 Pat Garrity RC
74 Ricky Davis RC
75 Roshown McLeod RC
76 Matt Harpring RC
77 Jason Williams RC
78 Keon Clark RC
79 Al Harrington RC
80 Felipe Lopez RC
81 Michael Doleac RC
82 Paul Pierce RC
83 Robert Traylor RC
84 Raef LaFrentz RC
85 Michael Olowokandi RC
86 Mike Bibby RC
87 Antawn Jamison RC
88 Bonzi Wells RC
89 Vince Carter RC
90 Larry Hughes RC

Recent Sales Data​

1998 E-X Century Dunk N Go Nuts Michael Jordan PSA 10 Gem Mint - $7,000.00 (Auction)
1998 E-X Century Dunk N Go Nuts Michael Jordan PSA 9 Mint - $3,199.99 (BIN)
1998 E-X Century Dunk N Go Nuts Michael Jordan PSA 9 Mint - $3,550.00 (Auction)
1998 E-X Century Dunk N Go Nuts Michael Jordan RAW - $1,179.00 (Auction)
1998 E-X Century Dunk N Go Nuts Allen Iverson RAW - $310.00 (Auction)
1998 E-X Century Base Dirk Nowitzki RC RAW - $23.50 (Auction)
1998 E-X Century Base Kobe Bryant RAW - $31.00 (Auction)


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