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    Conor McGregor's MMA Future: Real Comeback or Just Smoke and Mirrors?

    I've been following the news and rumors surrounding Conor McGregor's potential return to the octagon, and I can't help but wonder if we're witnessing a genuine comeback or if it's all just a show. The notorious Irish fighter has always been a master of keeping the spotlight on him, but are we...
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    Panini's NFL Cards: The Future After the NFLPA Contract Termination

    Hey fellow card collectors and NFL fans, I wanted to start a discussion about the recent news regarding Panini's NFL cards. As many of you may know, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) terminated their contract with Panini, leaving us all wondering about the future of NFL trading cards. This...
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    A Thrilling Voyage: One Piece Movie on Netflix Review

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5) As a die-hard One Piece fan, I was beyond excited when I heard that a new One Piece movie had landed on Netflix. Eager to set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates once again, I immediately queued it up, and I must say that this cinematic adventure did not disappoint. The movie...
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    Riding the Disney Locarna TCG Hype Train!

    Hey there, fellow card game enthusiasts, I wanted to jump into the exciting discussion surrounding the Disney Locarna TCG (Trading Card Game). It seems like this game is generating quite the buzz lately, and I'm eager to explore what's causing all the hype! First off, as a Disney fan, the idea...
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    Exploring the Vintage Charm of 1952 Topps Common Cards

    I wanted to start a discussion about something that has always fascinated me – the 1952 Topps common cards. While this set might not boast the star power of the high-number cards, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many vintage card enthusiasts. There's something inherently...
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    Women's World Cup Fever: Are There Women's Soccer Card Sets?

    With the Women's World Cup on the horizon, I've been getting more and more excited about women's soccer. I've been collecting soccer cards for a while now, primarily focusing on men's teams and players, but I've recently been wondering if there are any women's soccer card sets out there. The...
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    Looking to Buy Tom Brady Base Cards or Affordable Inserts

    I've been on the hunt for some Tom Brady cards to add to my collection, specifically his base cards or any affordable inserts. Brady is an absolute legend, and I've always wanted to have a piece of his career in my collection. If any of you have Brady cards that you're willing to part with, or...
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    New to Hockey Card Collecting: Who's the Best Player to Start With?

    I'm relatively new to hockey card collecting, and I've been doing some research on which player's cards I should consider as a starting point. Hockey has always fascinated me, but the world of collecting seems vast, and I could use some guidance. I know that Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux are...
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    Recent ISA returns!

    Hey there, That's fantastic news about your grading returns on your baseball cards! There's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving those graded cards back and seeing how they've been appraised. Would you mind sharing some details about the cards you sent in and the grades they...
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    NFLPA Terminates Panini's License: Fanatics Gains Ground in Trading Card Battle

    In the ongoing Panini vs. Fanatics lawsuit, I find myself deeply concerned about the implications of any company having an exclusive monopoly on an entire sport. While I understand the need for sports leagues to secure lucrative partnerships and licensing deals, it's essential to strike a...
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    Is Now the Right Time to Invest in Victor Wembanyana?

    Hey fellow collectors and investors, I've been keeping an eye on Victor Wembanyana's trading cards for a while now, and I'm wondering if this might be a good time to make a move. I know that the card market can be quite dynamic, and there are several factors to consider before diving in...
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    Lebron James Triple Logoman Headed To Auction This Week

    current bid 1.8million, 9 days left
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    1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Buy Back Rookie Autograph Auction

    we have all been saying he will be lucky to break 7 figures.. the market is down, and while this is only numbered to 23, there are still hundreds in slabs certified, in higher grades.
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    2021-22 National Treasures Basketball First Look

    I hate the new plastic logomen on the jersey's.. The threaded patch ones look so much nicer. Hoping to pull a Cade Cunningham RPA of some sort out of this years release though
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    2021 Flawless Football Release Day

    Once again , Panini not giving a crap about quality control, they could have taken an extra 10 seconds out of their day to make sure the shield's are centered.. and how about a bigger window for them so you can see the whole shield.. trash once again.
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    Things I Wish I Still Had...

    Those Jordans would have been a nice little mini mansion for you if you would have sold during the Coronavirus market explosion.
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    Nice To Meet You All!

    I collect vintage, bowman colored slabs, superfractors
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    1956 Topps Mickey Mantle Raw For Trade

    Willing to trade for low numbered color bowman chrome gem 10 slabs, with added cash if needed. I am paypal and venmo ready, and located in SoCal This 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle is in really great condition! I am not a grader, but id assume around a PSA 5