1st official contest! MLB All-Star challenge!

We decided to make the first official contest here on SCP a splashy one! There are some pretty cool cards for the winner! It is really easy to enter!
Guess the winner of the MLB All-Star game and the final score!
1st tie-breaker guess the MVP.
2nd tie-breaker guess the TOTAL number of home runs hit during the game.

AL, 4-2, Trout, 2HR

The rules:
Only one (1) guess per member.
You must NOT have ever been banned or had any warning points. Must be a member in good standing.
You MAY edit your guess to allow for a player being scratched from the AS game. However, all guesses most be posted (or edited) by 11:59 pm. EST on Monday, July 18th. The day before the AS game. I do not have the cards in hand. The cards will be shipped to the winner from the site sponsor. What cards will the winner receive?


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I guess I will throw my guess into the mix, with thanks to the site sponsor!

NL, 8-5, Pete Alonso, 4HR