Card authentication.


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I have read and seen personally many times where a 10 year old is really excited to bring his “valuable” card into a game store just to be told it is worthless counterfeit. This seems to be happening more and more in the TCG world. It is one thing for a person to fake a card and try to swindle an adult, but to fake cards and purposely try to screw over little kids on purpose is something else. Please, please, please parents and relatives. Don’t buy a “value” box or pack or anything that is an “unofficial” product for your kids. If the deal is too good to be true, it is. Buy only from a reputable dealer or even a big box store. If it is truly a valuable card it is worth it to send to ISA to get it authenticated/graded, or find out it is a fake card. My local game store and myself personally offer to buy the fake cards for little kids (usually a sealed pack) just to get the fakes out of the market and destroy them). There are just more bad apples trying to steal from kids rather than help and educate them.