Hockey card market status?


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I have been doing some research of grading companies and card grading trends. Any given month for any company the top 5 submitted card categories, usually in flip flopping order are Basketball, TCG (Pokémon) Baseball, Soccer, and Formula One/NASCAR. Hockey cards are consistently the number 6-8 most submitted cards month over month. I thought this was related to not being in season. But even when in season, hockey cards just don’t get as much grading love as other sports. Is this because only Upper Deck has the license? Can we even call hockey one of the big 4 major sports anymore if soccer and racing have a larger card collecting fan base?


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Hockey is seasonal, and regional, and I can assure you very strong in my area. Just sold $1,100 worth of cards this afternoon. As far as grading goes, the big two grading companies have priced themselves out of range for the average collector, IMO. Not sure why hockey isn't popular for grading? There are a ton of products every year, and they sell out mostly, so I have no answer.

I haven't bothered to ever send anything in, but i have some stuff I want to get done, and ISA is what I will use, just a matter of pooling up some cash to go forward. For me, grading has never interested me that much. It still to this day baffles me why someone with a 1/1 would spend money to grade it. I get the whole having the card slabbed, I have hockey stuff all the way back to 1969 that I'd like to encase.