Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Authentication Guidelines


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In the wake of the untimely passing of Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant, many fans are trying to acquire memorabilia associated with the beloved athlete. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for autographed items, a large market of counterfeit items has emerged. It is therefore important that collectors and fans understand the authentication process for Kobe Bryant memorabilia.

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is a company that authenticates sports memorabilia such as signed basketballs, jerseys, shoes, and trading cards. However, PSA recently announced on its website that it will not be authenticating any signed Kobe Bryant memorabilia because of the sheer amount of counterfeits circulating in the marketplace.

In lieu of using PSA's services for authentication purposes, collectors and fans can use third-party authentication companies such as JSA or Beckett Authentication Services (BAS). These companies are similar to PSA in that they provide third-party verification services to ensure authenticity; however they specialize only in authenticated NBA autographs rather than all professional sports memorabilia.

Additionally, collectors should take extra care when purchasing Kobe Bryant memorabilia online. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who will try to pass off fake items as legitimate ones by taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers. It is important to research sellers before making a purchase, read customer reviews and check feedback ratings carefully. Finally, if you find an item too good to be true then it likely is; it would be wise not to proceed with any transactions pertaining to these items.

In summary, Kobe Bryant’s untimely passing has led many people wanting to acquire his memorabilia for their collections or as keepsakes and tributes. While this is understandable and even admirable in some ways it also means that extra caution must be taken when choosing which items are purchased from third-party sellers online or in stores. Fortunately there are several reputable third-party authentication companies available who provide reliable verification services which can help buyers identify genuine items from fakes ones so that they can make educated decisions when acquiring Kobe Bryant memorabilia for their collection.