My ultimate card in my wolf collection.


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I can’t even be creative and write an epic funny post about this. There is no way that I can effectively communicate what I am feeling that accurately describes the emotions that this gives me in a way that you may understand. I will simply just mention facts that led to today.
First learned of this card OVER 10 years ago when I very first started researching and collecting vintage wolf cards.
Have only ever saw this card available for sale twice in at least the last 8 years including eBay AND worldwide auction houses.
Communicated with the head curator for the Australian National Museum.
Communicated with librarians from prestigious universities from all over Europe.
Communicated with a director from the Canadian equivalent of the National Archives.
Was recognized by some MAJOR players in the collecting community for my contributions and body of work researching vintage animal cards.
Somewhere along this journey I picked up the smaller and much more common little brother of this card.
If there is a “peak” to my wolf card collecting, this is it.
Without anymore fanfare, I present…
1890 Allen & Ginter N41 Quadrupeds LARGE


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