Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou: The Fight of the Century?


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Could it be? Two heavyweight champions, Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, are rumored to be in talks to face off in a potential fight inside an MMA cage with 4-ounce gloves. To make this even more interesting, Mike Tyson is said to be the referee for the bout. It's hard not to get excited when you hear news like this, but will it actually happen? Let's break down what we know.

The Rumors Explained​

Rumors about Fury and Ngannou have been circulating for months now, but nothing has yet been confirmed. Even Mike Tyson hasn't commented on the rumors—though that could just be because he doesn't want to jinx anything. We do know that both fighters have expressed an interest in entering into the MMA world and that both are huge fans of Mike Tyson. If these rumors are true, then it could very well be one of the biggest fights in history—and potentially generate huge sums of money for all involved parties.

What We Can Expect​

If this fight does come to fruition, we can expect some serious fireworks between two of the greatest heavyweights ever. This would be a fight unlike any other we've seen before—a boxing match with 4-ounce gloves and a referee who knows exactly how to handle himself in a ring (or cage). With both fighters' power and skill levels combined with Mike Tyson's experience as a referee, this could easily become one of the most exciting fights in recent memory.

We don't know if the rumors about Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou will pan out or not, but either way it's clear that both fighters have plenty of potential in MMA if they choose to pursue it. With Mike Tyson potentially overseeing as referee, we can only imagine what kind of explosive action might unfold should this dream match ever happen someday soon! Only time will tell if these two incredible heavyweights meet in battle or not—but until then all we can do is stay tuned and see what happens next!