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During one of my regular searches for wolf cards, I stumbled on some listings for a set/card that I already own that shocked me! 2007 Interplay Legeng of Zelda GOLD foil Wolf/Link. This is NOT a base set parallel. Just a stand alone 9 card set with no other variations. There is a raw (non-graded) wolf card with a BIN of $500 with 14 watchers! The only other card listed more in the set is Link. I know Twlight Princess is arguably the second most popular game in the franchise only to Breath of Wild. But dang! I wonder if these are a REALLY small print run, or if there were licenesing issues to drive the price up? I actually pulled my copy personally. It is a little hard to believe that out of all of my Henderson and vintage cards, the most valuable card in my collection may be a video game card from 2007!


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