Louis Vuitton Larry O'Brien Trophy Case Revealed


Louis Vuitton has produced a new travel trunk for the NBA Championship Larry O'Brien Trophy. The artisans at their famous Asnieres workshop , located just outside of Paris, have been commissioned to do the piece. The handcrafted trophy case will be used in official travel during the parades and other events showcasing the trophy for this years champs. The outside of the trunk features their signature LV monogram pattern with gold fasteners and fittings, and an interior lined with a blue microfiber cloth featuring the NBA's 75th anniversary logo. The folding doors are also hand painted with a V, symbolizing victory.

They have also released a slew of other accessory's to commemorate the NBA's 75th anniversary, Keepall 55, Dopp Kit, Pocket Organizer, Malle Courrier and an 8 watch case. All of the new items feature the NBA colors, with a large LV logo featured inside of a basketball. Every piece is made with a bright blue taurilon leather.