PSA Launches Enhanced Card Holders for Optimal Protection

Screenshot 2024-05-17 044038.png

PSA is unveiling its latest innovation in trading card protection with the rollout of new holders crafted for standard-sized cards. While maintaining the familiar exterior dimensions that users have grown accustomed to, these new holders incorporate a heavier, medical-grade plastic composition that significantly enhances their durability and protective qualities.

Brian Alvey, PSA’s Mechanical Engineering Manager, detailed the properties of the new polymer on the company's website, noting its superior resistance to shattering, UV damage, and scratches. "The overall dimensions of these new holders will be identical to those previously used, but the in-hand feel is significantly more premium," Alvey explained.

The development of these advanced holders spanned three years, during which PSA focused on creating a solution that could offer unmatched protection against common card storage issues such as scuffs, scratches, and environmental damage like heat, humidity, water, and UV light.

One of the standout features of the new design is the elimination of sleeves within the holders. This change aims to reduce the movement of slabbed cards, addressing a frequent concern among collectors regarding the fit and security of their valuable items.

Ryan Hoge, PSA President, emphasized the high-quality feel of the new holders, stating, "It feels incredibly high-end and that effect carries over to the card inside." This sentiment reflects PSA's commitment to enhancing the collector's experience by ensuring that both the holder and the card maintain their aesthetic and material integrity.

PSA has announced that it will begin using these new holders for all sports cards graded from this month forward, marking a significant upgrade in how collectibles are preserved and presented in the industry.