Rare Opportunity: Complete 1986 Fleer Basketball PSA 10 Set Hits Auction at Goldin.co


The 1986 Fleer Basketball set has earned legendary status among sports card enthusiasts, and owning a complete PSA 10 set is the dream of many collectors. In an exciting development, the full 132-card 1986 Fleer Basketball PSA 10 set, excluding the stickers, has made its way to the prestigious Goldin Auctions platform. The auction has already caught the attention of the collecting community, with bidding currently at an impressive $240,000. As the auction end date of September 13th approaches, let's delve into the significance of this event and what it means for collectors.

The Legacy of the 1986 Fleer Basketball Set

Released in 1986, the Fleer Basketball set introduced basketball card enthusiasts to an array of iconic rookie cards, including those of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, and many more. The set's timeless design and star-studded lineup have cemented its place as one of the most coveted and sought-after collections in the hobby.

The PSA 10 Grading Standard

Receiving a PSA 10 grade is the pinnacle of achievement for sports cards. A PSA 10 card is considered "gem mint," indicating that it is virtually flawless and free of any visible imperfections. Earning a complete set of 132 cards in PSA 10 grade is an exceptionally rare feat due to the stringent grading criteria.

Goldin Auctions: A Renowned Platform

Goldin Auctions is widely recognized as a premier platform for high-end sports memorabilia and trading card auctions. With a reputation for offering rare and historically significant items, the auction house has become a go-to destination for serious collectors.

The Current Auction and Its Significance

The inclusion of a complete 1986 Fleer Basketball PSA 10 set in an auction is a monumental event that has attracted considerable attention. As the current bid reaches $240,000, it reflects the immense value collectors place on owning a pristine set of these iconic cards.

The Upcoming Conclusion

The bidding for the complete 1986 Fleer Basketball PSA 10 set is scheduled to conclude on September 13th. With a set of this magnitude hitting the auction block, the culmination of the bidding promises to be an exciting and historic moment in the sports card collecting world.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

For sports card collectors and enthusiasts, the auction of the complete 1986 Fleer Basketball PSA 10 set represents a rare chance to acquire a complete collection of the most sought-after basketball cards in pristine condition. The value of owning such a set extends beyond monetary considerations; it's about possessing a piece of basketball history and preserving it for generations to come.


As the bidding for the complete 1986 Fleer Basketball PSA 10 set continues on Goldin.co, collectors eagerly anticipate the outcome of this extraordinary auction. Whether it's a fervent desire to own a piece of basketball's golden era or a strategic investment, this auction showcases the enduring allure of sports card collecting. As September 13th approaches, all eyes in the collecting community are on the upcoming culmination of this historic event.