Search Underway for Lost Mike Tyson Coin Prototypes: $10,000 Reward Offered


Celebrity Mint is offering a substantial reward for the recovery of four unique Mike Tyson coin prototypes, lost during shipping to a major event. These collectible coins, essential to the brand's latest sports figure series, vanished en route to New York Comic Con, sparking a widespread appeal for their return.

In a bid to recover four invaluable prototype coins from the Mike Tyson Signature Series, Celebrity Mint has announced a $10,000 reward for anyone who can provide information leading to their return. The Houston-based company, known for producing collectible coins featuring sports icons, reported the loss of these items in transit to the New York Comic Con in October. Despite exhaustive efforts by the shipping company to locate them, the coins remain missing, prompting an appeal to the public for assistance.

The lost prototypes, two weighing 2 oz. and two weighing 5 oz., are crafted from .999 pure silver and represent the foundational pieces of the Mike Tyson Signature Series. They are distinguished by their detailed depiction of the legendary boxer, including an action shot of Tyson in the ring on one side and an image of him with his championship belts on the other. The coins also feature a silhouette of King Charles III, indicating their minting in the Cook Islands and certification by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

The specific details of the missing coins are as follows, each with its own certification and spec number:

  • Certification number 48311438, spec number 931992
  • Certification number 48311439, spec number 931992
  • Certification number 48311440, spec number 931991
  • Certification number 48311441, spec number 931991
Celebrity Mint's venture into legal tender trading coins began at New York Comic Con with a series dedicated to Ric Flair, planning to showcase the Tyson prototypes as a preview of what was to come. However, the disappearance of these coins has led to a significant setback.

The company stresses the irreplaceable nature of these prototypes, designed in close collaboration with Tyson, and views the reward as a testament to their value and the urgency of their recovery. Individuals with knowledge about the whereabouts of these coins, identifiable by their unique certification numbers, are urged to contact Celebrity Mint directly at (713) 597-6367 or via email at


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