Ultra Rare 1959 Topps Football Vending Box a Hot Auction Item


Topps, the iconic trading card company with a rich legacy dating back to their beginnings in 1950s America, continues to captivate. Recently consigned for auction is an extremely rare 1959 Topps vending box – replete with old-style crisp 1st series football cards packaged differently from what modern day collectors may be accustomed too: 71 seven-card bundles wrapped tightly in brown paper strips - much like you would expect small stacks of currency! This unique discovery leaves us wondering just how many more exciting production secrets have yet been uncovered…

Heritage Auctions was recently given the incredible privilege to review an untouched box of 1959 Topps football cards, a classic series that has firmly established itself as one of the most desirable sets in history. Upon opening its lid and peeking inside, Heritage discovered something remarkable: these iconic sports memorabilia pieces were still in crisp condition with bright white borders -despite having been stored for decades! Series 1 is especially prized among collectors due to it being home to rookie or near-rookie stars such Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas and Paul Hornung; all names not unfamiliar when speaking about NFL Hall Of Fame members.

Evidently there are some serious fanatics out there who have already bid more than $100,000 on this set - making it clear just how valuable original vintage collectibles like this can be!

via Heritage