Wheatland Auction Opens with Over 700 Collectible Lots Featuring Rare Mickey Mantle Card and More

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Wheatland Auction Services is currently hosting an extensive online auction that includes over 700 diverse lots. This collection features everything from rare vintage cards, like a scarcely distributed early 1950s Wheaties Mickey Mantle card, to modern sports memorabilia, with the auction remaining open for bids until May 19.

The latest offering from Wheatland Auction Services is a robust online catalog that encompasses a vast array of sports collectibles. This impressive auction includes over 700 lots, featuring high-grade singles and sets from both vintage and contemporary sports eras, alongside autographs and other sports-related memorabilia.

One of the highlights of this auction is an exceptionally rare Mickey Mantle card from the early 1950s, produced by General Mills for a Wheaties series but never widely released. This card, commonly associated with a 1951 issue and measuring 5x7 inches, ranks as one of Mantle’s rarest collectibles. Out of the few graded by PSA, the card on offer is rated EX 5, making it a notable rarity as higher-grade versions are seldom seen; a PSA 7 example of this card sold last month for close to $10,000.

The auction features a comprehensive assortment of single cards of baseball Hall of Famers and notable stars, including rookie cards of legends like Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, and Pete Rose, along with numerous cards chronicling the career of Mickey Mantle. Also available are complete sets from the 1954 and 1956 Topps series and partial sets from various other years.

In football and basketball, the auction is highlighted by a Jim Brown rookie card and a 1980-81 Larry Bird-Magic Johnson rookie card, respectively. Adding an international flavor, the complete 1932 Bulgaria Sport set, which includes all 272 cards in its original album featuring American icons like Babe Ruth and Max Schmeling, is also up for auction.

Modern card collectors will find significant interest in items such as a 2017 Panini Prestige Patrick Mahomes Draft Day Signatures card, one of only 25 issued with red ink, graded SGC 9 with a 10 autograph grade. Also featured is a unique 1/1 2021 Topps Sterling autograph card of Ken Griffey Jr. with five patches, and a highly coveted 2006-07 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition card that includes autographs from Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Julius Erving, limited to just 15 copies.

Additional notable lots include a sealed 2022-23 Panini Immaculate NBA basketball case, a Lebron James autographed throwback Cavaliers jersey authenticated by Upper Deck (UDA), and a collection of 96 Perez Steele 6"x8" Great Moments Hall of Fame cabinet cards, with 56 of the 96 cards signed by sports legends including Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, and Sandy Koufax.

This expansive auction offers an extraordinary opportunity for collectors to acquire rare and valuable sports memorabilia, with bidding available through May 19 on the Wheatland Auction Services website.


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